Every business needs a logo. They play a crucial role in your business by establishing a good first impression and creating a strong foundation for brand identity. Your logo not only helps people remember your brand, but it separates you from your competitors, builds trust, and honestly, it’s expected.

However, an animated logo is not something that’s expected, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why you need one.

Animated Logos Increase Brand Awareness

Like we said above, logos in general are an integral tool for promoting awareness of your brand. You can safely assume that if a static logo does this, an animated logo will do it even better. They’re memorable, recognizable, and versatile. It may take a few different interactions for consumers to have any brand recognition with a static logo, but you can count on an animated logo imprinting in someone’s mind almost immediately.

Animated Logos Make for Better Storytelling

Not only does an animated logo help you tell your company’s overall narrative, it becomes a flexible asset for video content., too. This narrative and the video content you produce help your audience make emotional connections to your brand, and if your brand has a strong story to tell, people are much more likely to relate to it.

Animated Logos Elevate Your Brand’s Presentation

We all know first impressions are important. Consumers want to do business with companies that appear professional and trustworthy. In more instances than not, one of the first things we consider when judging the standard of a company is how they present themselves, and in this determination, we look at the quality of their logo.

As consumers continue to transition to online video content over television, their expectations for websites and how companies present themselves change, too. When you choose to have a custom animated logo designed for your brand, you’re keeping up with current trends. When consumers see you meeting the demands of the market, you appear more professional to them.

Animated Logos Are Incredibly Versatile

You don’t need a video content library to utilize an animated logo. In fact, there are several ways to leverage an animated logo if you don’t have a backlog of videos:

  • Social media posts
  • Your website
  • Presentations
  • Online promotions

We strongly believe that if a company is serious about building a strong, memorable brand, that they have to invest in a logo. When you add animation to that logo, you’re taking things to the next level and putting yourself head and shoulders above your competitors. Here at Terrier Tenacity, we love creating animated logos that give our clients the edge they need. If you’re interested in how we can help, just reach out! We’re happy to provide our clients with no-obligation consultations.