Why You Should Use Motion Graphics in your Marketing

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The rise of visual media within content marketing
In the modern digital marketplace, content is king. If you want to attract the eyeballs and clicks needed to survive online, you have to produce something worth seeing, reading, and sharing. While a number of sites use click-bait or outright plagiarism to bring in potential customers, quality content always rises to top…and nothing adds more quality than solid motion design.

Sure, we are a little biased in this case. We run an online school for motion designers, and we think all of these artists deserve a ton of paying work. That doesn’t mean we aren’t right. Modern online content can always benefit with the addition of motion design graphics. Whether you’re dropping an informative GIF or a full-on animation, plugging in some MoGraph will set your site out ahead of the pack.

In this article, we’ll take a look at:

Why content marketing is here to stay
The rise in video content
Creating content for social media
Why motion graphics are an effective medium
Why motion graphics are cost-effective
How you can train your team and add motion to your tool kit
Content Marketing is Here to Stay
What is Content Marketing? Simply put, it’s most of the internet these days. Content marketing is a way for companies to reach out to their communities and potential customers through articles, videos, podcasts, and social media messaging. These can come in a number of forms, but the main idea is to provide some form of free information in exchange for the viewer’s attention.

Surprise! You’re reading some content right now. Okay, that wasn’t much of a surprise.

Content Marketing can be an article about “10 ways brighter smiles improve your work life” written by a toothpaste company, or a video showcasing all the unconventional uses of a blender. It’s entertaining with a pinch of educational, and it advertises a product without feeling like an advertisement. According to HubSpot, roughly 70% of companies are using content marketing to push their products and services.

With so much of the online world saturated with content marketing, it’s become harder and harder to stand out. Articles and social posts just won’t cut it…which is why more marketers are turning to video content.

The Rise of Video Content in Marketing

As more and more companies flooded the internet with listicles and click-bait, marketers turned to video content to grab viewers’ attention. If you’ve watched YouTube for more than ten minutes, you’ve noticed the new ads. They can range from the high-end (professional videos with actors and effects and 1-7 cute dogs) to the cringe-inducing (hiring D-list TikTok stars to pretend to be wowed by a mobile game/Tinder competitor).

Regardless of the quality, these video ads are likely still more effective than even the best article. Why?

“In the world of digital marketing, video reigns supreme.”
Larry Mutenda, Anthill Magazine, May 2020